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Who wants in on a little business secret? I use Stickermule for waterproof stickers and sometimes keychains, though I'm trying to make the keychains in house now. So, right now, Stickermule has an offer for 50 waterproof stickers for only $19. That's when I stock up on waterproof logo stickers for my merch. SOOOO, here is how I got started. Follow step-by-step and you will get a super dope deal. 
Step 1: Sign-up using this link to get a coupon for $10 off a $30 purchase. (I will also get $10 in credit, which I use toward freebies for my clients.)
Step 2: After you sign up. Then, use this link to find the Deals, this week is the sticker promo.
Step 3: After you upload your design, add it to your cart. You have a few great options to get you to that $30 threshold, because at this point you should be $11 short.
Options: Add samples of the same or a different design. $9. Find the SAMPLE option on the left under the product description.
OPTIONS: Add other products to your order.
  • For the packaging tape, choose the 100 ft for $19. I use about 6" of tape for every small box I package. If you need a seamless design made up, I can help you with that. I have some templates already available.
  • For the acrylic charms, these are the same at the keychains but without the plastic connector. I always order the charms when I need them, because I like to ass my own hardware and tassels to jazz them up. Choose either the 1" (10 count) for $17 or the 2" (10 count) for $23.
  • If you chose a cheaper option for your add-ons, then you might still need to add something to your order to make it hit the $30 mark. I recommend adding either another sample or this super fancy HOT SAUCE. I haven't tasted it, but I did use it as a gift for a hot sauce eating friend. Either way, They are $8 a bottle and samples are $9. Whichever way you decide to go will be work.
Step 4: Checkout! If you added your phone number for text message updates, then you will get a proof in the next hour or so. You can click on the link and view your proofs. Add any comments or changes that need to be made to the feedback box and another proof will be sent shortly. I have had to do this a few times with the sticker colors and charm hole placements or backgrounds.
Step 5: Stickermule's customer service is 100% helpful. I reach out whenever I get a wonky order that doesn't look right and they either help fix the issue or somehow make work to my advantage. I seriously have never ever ever everrrr had any problems with emailing their customer service. They are friendly and super caring about their clients.
Final thoughts:
This is a great way to help raise brand recognition and get your logo in front of your client's face. Plus, I just loveee being my logo on things. It's very empowering. 
Love in Everything You Do! - Pineiro Design Co.

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