1-Hour Branding Consult

1-Hour Branding Consult

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Needing to refresh your business, simplify your packaging or work on product development? I'm here for it!

This fee covers the research and time spent brainstorming that goes on AFTER the actual consult. I'll follow-up with an e-mail or social media message outlining my thoughts and send over any reference photos or graphics accumulated. We will schedule a 15 minute call to go over anything we might have missed or need to adjust within the next few days.

Think that 60 minutes isn't enough time to chat about everything you need? You would be surprised how much information can go down during one of these calls. You can always send an email with notes for me to look over ahead of time. This might help streamline the process if we will be going over multiple projects. I cannot guarantee that I will have time to look over any notes before our call, but it would be a great outline of what you would like to discuss during your time slot.

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